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Free things to do in and around Birmingham

As parent’s it’s always a challenge looking for something to do with the kids, regardless of their age(s) without breaking the bank. So many places to go require an entry fee nowadays and sometimes when we just don’t have the money it is easier to stay in than get out of the house and go somewhere new. I know I myself am guilty of this, especially when the weather is not so good (think rain, wind and general coldness!) So I have put together a list of free places to go and free things to do at this time of year when all your money seems to go on presents for upcoming christmas and heating your house.

Free Places to go

  • The Library of Birmingham – A great few hours out if it’s cold outside, there’s a cafe if you fancy a coffee and on the plus side you and the kids can find some new books to read together on the cold winter evenings.
  • Cannon Hill Park – Here you can feed the swans and other ducks, pick blackberries, stop for a coffee or lunch in one of the two cafe’s. Look round The Mac, or watch the kids on the play area. An entire afternoon rolled into one., and round the corner if you do have some extra money, there is the Birmingham Nature Centre offering animals such as otters, monkeys and iguana’s.
  • Wren’s Nest Nature Reserve – if your kids are of pre-school age, why not take them on a trip to Wren’s Nest Nature reserve, here the kids can learn about fossils and also have a try at digging for their own fossils. One problem with this attraction is that there are no facilities such as toilets or cafe’s so maybe a picnic is in order and possibly a check out of the local cafe’s!
  • And with the Christmas Period coming up I couldn’t leave out the Birmingham German Market. Money is almost a must at this attraction with gift, food and drink stalls. But I love going to this market as it gets closer to xmas as there is something about all the lights and the stalls that just sets Christmas up for me and gets me in the Christmas Mood. So if you are going to do anything off this list this side of 2015 make sure you get to the German Market in December!

Do you have any others that you would add to this list?


2 thoughts on “Free things to do in and around Birmingham

  1. I don’t live in Birmingham, but have family there and go at least once a year. We took our boys to the Vulcan Statue and the Railroad Park about a month ago and had a blast! I’ll be sure to reference this the next time I’m there. Thanks!


    1. I’ve always lived in Birmingham, and I think we don’t always appreciate what we have in our own towns. I know I certainly don’t.
      There are quite a few more places in and around Birmingham which are either free or quite cheap to visit and I will posting a follow up post to this one soon.

      Thanks for your comment!


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