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Ikea high chair review


 I love this high chair. I owned one like it for my older daughter (although I don’t know what happened to it – :/ lol) I’ve owned other high chairs but they always seem so big and bulky and not easy to transport when the kids stay round a relatives house. My house isn’t massive either and I’ve always found it a struggle to store the high chair, you see I’m lazy and not a fan of folding it down and putting it in a cupboard and get it back out and unfolding it again three times a day. Especially when you consider that the very word ‘milk’ is considered a profanity in our house – if you dare utter the word whilst the youngest is in the vicinity, you had better have a bottle ready because she understands what it means and what it symbolises. Dare to utter it without being fully prepared and all hell breaks loose. (But I digress)

So yeah! It’s easy to transport. In the last year, we have gone to Ireland and Brighton to see family and have taken it with us both times and managed to unfold it and take it with us (with all our other luggage and baby paraphernalia) without too much hassle of ‘will it fit in the car?’ ‘Which is worse parenting? Crushing the legs of children for 4-8 hours in the car or not feeding a child for a week because we have no high chair’ which is all good in my book!

It is also entirely made out of wipe clean plastic and metal which as many other parents will know is fantastic for when children decide to throw *cough cough* I mean share their food with the table, floor, the cat and other children.

It just about fits under our dining table, which is great for space saving because our dining room isn’t large and it’s more of a dining room come office than just a place to eat, so the fact that I can remove the tray and put her into the table is really handy!

The insert you see in the pictures is actually sold separately (typical IKEA!) however I don’t think that is too much of a problem considering that as she grows we can just permanently remove it and store it for any subsequent children. Along with the high chair when she finally grows out of it. It is also inflatable which may need blowing up every so often however we have had ours 6months and never had to re-inflate it.

The straps are obviously fabric which can be a bit of a pain when as stated above children decide to share food with anything and everything that looks remotely hungry. However they are easy to remove and throw in the washing machine overnight ready for the next day.

 It is extremely stable, the darling child you see in the photo above has started having tantrums when she doesn’t get her own way which involve throwing herself backwards at such an alarming rate in sure she would have brain damage should it not be for the inflatable insert. But we have never had a situation where it looks like it may tip over.

I would highly recommend this highchair to other parents regardless of whether you travel alot or how big your house is.

You can buy the highchair from IKEA at the prices listed below

Antilop High Chair (without the tray) £9
Antilop High Chair with tray £13Inflatable Insert £6


*All opinions are my own, this post is not sponsered in any way shape or form


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