What book am I reading now?

As a kid, I used to love to read books by anybody and everybody. My favourite was the books by Enid Blighton and especially ‘The Enchanted Wood’ and yes, now I’m an adult the very idea of calling two characters ‘Dick’ and ‘Fanny’ and then the golliwogs who I think appeared in one of the sequels does make me wonder how the books ever got published with the slight sexual and racist connotations. But hey! I was a kid, and in all fairness it’s only now with a warped sense of adulthood that I suppose my view has been changed! But I digress!

As I grew older my nan introduced me to the Virginia Andrews saga’s with books like ‘Flowers in the Attic’ and ‘Heaven’ and then there was the Dannielle Steel books – I can’t remember what it was called but it was about a little girl who was abused by her parents and her life after she was left at a nunnery. I loved that book. 

However, now as a parent, my reading level seems to have deteriated back to children’s fairy tales and Mr Men books. Whilst I may enjoy reading them to my kids. I miss finding the time to actually sit down with a book myself and enjoy loosing myself in the imagination of a story that doesn’t involve sleeping beauty or Mr Bump. 

The trouble is, by the time I get into bed and actually have the free time to sit and read, I am too tired. I have a book sitting on my bedside table “The Corpse Bridge’ which I keep starting to read, get about 4 chapters in and then fall asleep to forget about it for weeks. I can read a book in 24-48 if it is a good book, my house can go to hell and back but I’ll just be sitting in a corner with my book as if nothing is wrong. BUT, As I’ve been trying to keep on top of my house work and my uni work, my reading for pleasure has gone down the drain. 

So I am pledging here and now, to make a good go of starting to read again. Whether that be re-reading my old books or buying new ones. And when I’m finished I will post a review of it for anybody who may be interested in reading it.

So, off I am to make a start reading ‘The Corpse Bridge’ by Stephen Booth. 

Has anybody already read this? Can you recommend any other books? What do you prefer? Kindle or paperback?


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