Where have I been?

It’s been a bit quiet here, over the last week, or so. Unfortunately I have had other things on my mind rather than trying to do blog posts. So here’s a list of what I have been doing!

  • Ordering presents online for the youngest a birthday on Friday
  • Waiting for said presents to arrive which then never did
  • Phoning the courier to find out exactly why my presents haven’t turned up and to find out when they will be here
  • Running round like a blue-a*se fly trying to sort it all out so the one year old to be will actually have something to open on her birthday
  • Trying to write uni essays which just leave me sat staring at the computer screen in dismay/frustration/lack of motivation
  • Trying to sort out my house which looks like a world war 2 bomb has exploded right here in my living room (read: whole house)
  • Going to the supermarket to realise actually I don’t have my debit card and “oh crap what are we going to eat for dinner, when I can’t find my card? Whilst frantically rummaging at the back of my freezer.
  • Thinking I need to sort my house out, whilst sitting in the middle of said bomb site with a teething child who just won’t nap and wondering when I will find the time to do said cleaning! 
  • Realising I missed the cats vets checkup and trying to reschedule
  • Realising that I sent my child to school in school uniform despite it being a non-uniform day for all the kids to learn and celebrate Diwali and rushing up to the school with party clothes in hand just so she doesn’t miss out on the fun!
  • And trying out a new experiment which I will be sharing in a post in about a week or so’s time

So yeah! That is what my month has looked like!

I am going to reduce my post frequency to just once a week as at the moment every day is just too much with Xmas coming up and so many things to do!



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