Hi, I’m Lyndsey Michelle,

I’m guessing you’re here cause you want to know more, you nosey bugger!

Well, I’m a stay at home mom of two children and one cat, I’m also a student, studying for a degree in Health and Social Care and have a small obsession with tea and coffee.

I am a massive list maker, (especially to do lists, but then never seem to get round to ticking anything off!)

I seem to spend my life battling the washing pile (I’m sure the clothes find their way out of the wardrobes and into the laundry pile whilst I sleep)

I like to crochet, in between the children fighting, the cat stealing my ball of wool and the house slowly descending into what looks like a world war two scence.

I love cooking and trying new recipes – am not so good when nobody likes the food.

My posts are likely to be about whatever takes my fancy that day, whether it be lifestyle, beauty, fashion, cooking, children, life as a student. whatever you can think of, I’ll probably post it at some point or other.


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